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People and crew


Local film professionals have worked with leading national and international directors and producers in Picardie, as well as in Paris. Due to the large amount of film work being done here, local film crews have gained invaluable experience from visiting filmmakers.

The Picardie Film Commission works together with highly skilled movie professionals (production managers, make-up stylists, costume assistants, gaffers, stuntmen, etc.) and can also provide you with additional reliable crew members for all your needs (drivers, roadies, watchmen, etc.).

Professional actors and extras can also be selected for you in a minute with our e-database.

The Picard region offers numerous technical and practical possibilities locally:

  •  A century of vehicles (cars, motorbikes, trains, etc.)
  •  Horse-drawn cars dating from over 300 years ago
  •  Horse specialists and professional stuntmen
  •  Service providers





Natural reserve 

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